About eNGO

Converting grassroot civil society organisations into validated entities with a global online presence, showcasing their accomplishments globally and boosting fund raising through digital means.

eNGO, a flagship programme of Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) which aims to digitally empower the grassroot organisations across South Asia and Africa by equipping them with Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tools.

Since its inception in 2009, eNGO has digitally enabled more than 5,000 NGOs by taking them online through their exclusive websites with .org or .ngo domains.

Over the years, eNGO has efficiently made its mark by bringing diversified entities under one umbrella. In 2015, PIR, owner of the .org domain, unfolded the .ngo domain among other top level domains to create global validated digital identities, specifically for NGOs.

The .ngo domain provides an exclusive extension to NGOs and gives them a specific platform for validation. eNGO has taken a step forward in this new beginning of what is turning out to be an evolution for NGOs by elevating their online presence and visibility. Additionally, eNGO offers exclusive .ngo domain to all verified NGOs of India, supported by OnGood Global Directory, the largest database of legally recognized and validated NGOs worldwide.

The objectives of the eNGO programme are-
• To establish validated digital identities of the grassroot organisations;
• To help them in maintaining their online presence;
• To train NGOs, SHGs, CSOs, CBOs in digital tools;
• To assist organisations in leveraging online donation to raise funds;
• To increase the global outreach of grassroot content produced by NGOs.

Over the years, 130 ICT capacity building workshops have been conducted across South Asia and Africa; over 15,000 eNGO members have registered with the eNGO Network; 5,000 NGOs have been given an online presence; 4,000 NGOs have been trained in using digital tools for efficiency and empowerment.

With its presence in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Bhutan, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, Cambodia, the eNGO has also launched NGONAMA, an online content and information repository of grassroot stories produced and published by NGOs.