eNGO is a flagship programme of Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) which aims to digitally empower the grassroot organisations across South Asia and Africa by equipping them with Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tools.

eNGO programme was rolled out in partnership with the National Internet Exchange of India in 2009 with the objective of helping grassroots nonprofits working in the development sector set up their own websites and go online with  .in domain. Since 2011, eNGO programme has been further strengthened and expanded with support from global non-profit Public Interest Registry (PIR) which operates and manages the .org top level domain globally.

In 2014, DEF took its partnership with PIR further and began working towards the launch of two new top level domains – .ngo and .ong – to create global validated digital identities, specifically for NGOs.

Since its inception, eNGO has digitally enabled more than 5000 NGOs by taking them online through their exclusive websites with .org or .ngo domains. The .ngo domain provides an exclusive extension to NGOs and gives them a specific platform for validation. eNGO has taken a step forward in this new beginning of what is turning out to be an evolution for NGOs by elevating their online presence and visibility. This has enabled public and private sector donor agencies and global NGOs to readily find and identify genuine organisa­tions that they would like to support and fund. Additionally, eNGO offers exclusive .ngo domain to all verified NGOs of India, supported by OnGood Global Directory, the largest database of legally recognized and validated NGOs worldwide.