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eNGO International Workshop successfully conducted on 24th March 2014 at Dhaka, Bangladesh with the support of regional partner D.Net. Here 70 organisations have participated and 60 NGOs registered for website development. And all 70 organisations has Submitted their Expression of Interest for dotNGO.

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About eNGO Programme (International) – Nigeria: According to Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) there areamitabh-sahgal-at-nigeria currently over 45,000 NGOs in Nigeria, out of which a majority of them do not haveAmitabh Sahgal at Nigeria a proper webpage. Most of these NGOs have limited or no access to ICT tools. These NGOs working at the grassroots remain unknown and do not get the advantage and appreciation, which come from Government bodies to such organizations. This situation might be a result of lack of finance, expertise and foresight. Besides, all such NGOs have a lot of information that is limited to their geographical area, policy makers, or potential granters. Digital Empowerment Foundation, India and Mr. Amos Emmanuel while attending the 2013 UN World Summit Award Global Congress in Colombo, Sri Lanka discussed the need & possibilities of an eNGO Workshop for Nigerian grassroots NGOs in ICT capacity building along with free Website & training facility. President, Programos Foundation, Nigeria and the Eminent National Expert of the UN World Summit Award Nigeria Mr. Amos Emmanuel, have taken the initiative to organize the local NGOs through online engagements. They have also made efforts and partnered with the International Association of African Non-Governmental Organizations (IAAN) to co-ordinate the maiden eNGO International Workshop in on 11th march, 2014 with 106 NGOs in, Lagos, Nigeria.

Programme Components:
NGOs Demography
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Summary of pre-workshop responses regarding content, knowledge & digital documentation for NGOs:
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eNGO in Phnom Penh : The eNGO workshop at Phnom Penh, Cambodia is successfully completed on November 29th, 2013 with the support of regional partner Open Institute. Here 60 organisations have participated registered for .NGO website development.

Phnom Penh Workshop (Date: November 29th, 2013 )
Phnom Penh Workshop (Date: November 29th, 2013 )Combodia Online eNGO


On the 9th of November 2013, the Digital Empowerment Foundation and the Public Interest Registry in Collaboration with the African counterpart the Brains and Vision Youth Group conducted a workshop on “The use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) ,web tools and the promotion of .NGO domain”  in Middelburg south Africa. It followed from two previous successful workshops of the same theme, held in Kisumu city on 24th of October 2013 and in Mombasa held on 24th April 2013 both being in Kenya. It was a milestone as BVYN through the support of DEF and PIR conducting workshop in South Africa, this is a clear indication that the ENGO programme has began taking roots in Africa and soon Africa will be revolutionized through .NGO.

Eighty grass root NGOs and six government officials from various parts of Mpumalanga province of South Africa   attended the workshop. The workshop was hosted by Righteous Fire Revival Ministries( a faith based NGO operating in Mpumalanga province of South Africa.

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Connecting Digitally: eNGO Workshop now in Pakistan

With the advent of new technology, there is a need to empower NGOs with the latest tools to help them scale up for better outcome. There is no second view on why and how Information Communication Technology (ICT) tools, platforms and devices led by web platform can bring positive transformation in processes, mechanism and delivery capacities of NGOs in contemporary times. With increase in scope of NGOs in Pakistan to intervene and undertake social and developmental responsibilities, there emerges a challenge for NGOs to escalate and develop their institutional capacities for good results. NGOs are increasingly seen as pro-active and front face of citizen service deliveries and community empowerment, in rural/countryside in Pakistan.

On 12th May 2014 Digital Empowerment Foundation organized an eNGO workshop in partnership with Public Interest Registry in Islamabad, Pakistan. Located in South of Asia, Pakistan’s economy is the 26th largest in the world in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP), and 44th largest in terms of nominal GDP.

Around 70 NGOs participated in this workshop. The country partner for this event was Bytes for All. It is a human rights organization and a research think tank with a focus on Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). It experiments with and organizes debates on the relevance of ICTs for sustainable development and strengthening human rights movements in the country.

The collective efforts of PIR and DEF, since 2010, have brought good results in the eNGO Network and Challenge programme. The vision of the eNGO is to see that all grassroots organisations are ICT enabled and in turn transform into changing agents of societies and communities they serve. At a wider policy and programme level it is desired that governments and authorities realize the necessity to empower NGOs and other community based organisations with technology skills to serve national development goals and objectives by supplementing and complimenting the role of governments.

p1-300x202Bytes for All (B4A), Pakistan is a human rights organization and a research think tank with a focus on Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). It experiments with and organizes debate on the relevance of ICTs for sustainable development and strengthening human rights movements in the country. Its strategic plan delivers in four key result areas (KRA), which include:

  1. Freedom of expression for civil liberties & securing digital rights;
  2. Strengthening digital security of human rights defenders & media professionals;
  3. Ending technology-driven gender-based violence; and
  4. Network building at national, regional and global level.

To deliver above-mentioned KRAs, B4A conducts research for evidence-based policy advocacy and capacity building of human rights defenders on their digital security, online safety & privacy.

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The eNGO workshop at Thimphu – Bhutan is successfully completed on April 10th, 2012 with the support of regional partner Read Bhutan at Youth Development Fund Conference hall. Here 20 organisations have participated and register for .NGO website.

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eNGO-DOTNGO Summit in Kenya


eNGO is an international flagship programme of Digital Empowerment Foundation, for the digital empowerment of grassroots NGOs. The eNGO programme strives to empower NGOs and self-help groups in India, South Asia and African Countries. The Africa chapter of ENGO program came into existence in October of 2012 when the program was launched in Kenya, more than 200 grass root development organizations have since joined the eNGO network and are learnt to be beneficiaries.

There are currently more than 1 million NGOs / CBOs and Self Help Groups in East Africa region and the majority of them do not have internet exposure to connect with the World Wide Web. Most of the NGOs working at the grassroots level thus remain unknown and do not earn the appreciation and benefit coming from sources that can provide tremendous energy to them. This anonymity might have been caused for reasons like lack of finance, expertise and affordable technology in the region.

At the first eNGO International Programme Launch in Kenya, DEF with the support of PIR enabled more than 150 NGOs with ICT and Web presence in .ORG domain. With PIR partnership for .NGO initiative, DEF has furthered the eNGO beyond Kenya to other African countries.  The 2nd eNGO-DOTNGO Summit is focused on Digital Development of nonprofits with .NGO Domain & Web presence across Africa as how ICTs have empowered them to be efficient, transparent and beneficial to their communities by using affordable web technology of eNGO Network of DEF.

This year 2014 DEF and PIR together with the Africa partner BVYN organized and conducted the largest NGO gathering where 279 organizations out of the 310 that registered for the workshop attended from all 4 countries. All the participating organizations signed expression of interest for the .NGO domain and joined the ENGO network.

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The NGOs present were from different sectors as follows:
Dip Management KIM


eNGO Workshop in Nepal

With the motives of digitally empowering grassroots NGOs, Equal Access Nepal together with Digital Empower Foundation (DEF) and Public Interest Registry (PIR) organized and eNGO summit Kathamndu in November 1,2014. The eNGO summit was focused on digital empowerment of non profit organizations with .NGO domain and web presence across Nepal as how ICT has empowered them to be efficient, transparent and beneficial to their communities. More than 250 participants including NGO representatives, delegates and journalist join the summit.

e-NGO is an initiatives of Public Interest Registry (PIR) and Digital Empower Foundation (DEF) first ever in Nepal partnered with Digital Broadcast Initiatives Equal Access to organize the summit in Kathmandu.

Speaking to the program, Vinaya Kumar Kasajoo former chief of Commission of Information Commission of Nepal, Sharmila Karki chair of NGO federation of Nepal, Rishi Raj Lumsali, chair of Association of District Development Committee, Mahabir PUN, Laureate of Roman Magsaysay prize and delegates from the government and non government stressed the need of collective effort for digital governance and empowerment of NGOs for better transparent and accountable society through the use of ICT. Osama Manzar the founder of DEF and Brain Cute, CEO of PIR highlighted the importance of ICT tools in development process and urge participating NGOs to go digital.

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Workshops in India

  • GOA


eNGO program is reaching the un-reached developmental organisations working at the bottom of the pyramid in the rural Maharashtra. We at DEF, Pune organised 5 workshops to reach those social workers ans their organisation who are trying to uplift the society using their own time, money and energy. But all these NGOs and social workers are “Un-Connected” from the remaining world. in this world, u have to have a web presence, unless which, u are digitally not alive in the world. U do a better work, but, if it doesn’t reaches the right type of audience, you are left behind. This was the main idea behind practically,physically serching those NGOs and bringing them together and weaving them thorugh athread of internet, by developing their websites.

eNGO in Pune
eNGO in Nagpur
eNGO in Aurangabad
eNGO in Satara
eNGO in Solapur
eNGO in Amravati
eNGO in Yavatmal
eNGO in Chandrapur
eNGO in Hingoli
eNGO in Nanded
eNGO in Dhule
eNGO in Osmanabad
eNGO in Jalgaon
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eNGO Workshop in Barasat

Barasat workshop in West Bengal was the 6th workshop in this state. With the extended support from Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) & Public Interest Registry (PIR- USA), Sukalyan Welfare Society had organized the Barasat workshop on 1st February’2015 @ Praggaloy Bhawan. Here 60 organizations from 4 districts have participated who haven’t any web presence. The introductory session was started by Mr. Kamal Karmakar (Secretary, SWS) who described about the background of eNGO- International Programme and also viewed the eNGO documentary film to the participants for making the concept of eNGO programme more clear among the participants, right after it he have discussed the achievements we got from the earlier workshops held in the state of West Bengal. He said that more than 600 NGOs are directly & indirectly connected through the eNGO network in W.B among which more than 200 ngo’s are benefitted through the eNGO programme by making the free website and great social media presence. Mr. Karmakar then given a short note on the TLD i.e. .ngo and announced the launching date of it, after that the film on .ngo was viewed to the participants.

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eNGO Workshop at Gujarat

The Genesis of K-Link Foundation lies in collaboration and association that were built after post-earthquake of Gujarat in 2001 with an objective to mainstream ICT into Development sector. And worked as a technical arm of Kutch NavNirmanAbhiyan since August’2001 Unprecedented gains in advancing human development in recent decades came largely from technological breakthrough. Information and communication technologies (ICT) have led to healthier life, greater social reforms and social freedoms, increased knowledge and more productive livelihoods.

K-Link Foundation is registered as “not for Profit” organization and working to mainstream ICT into Development sector since July 2012. Supported by: Public Interest Registry ( As our name implies, we exist to serve the public interest online. Our globally diverse team is committed to providing a stable online platform where everyone has a voice. Based in Reston, Virginia, Public Interest Registry is a not-for profit organization created by the Internet Society (ISOC), originally to manage .org.

Objective of eNGO Workshop
Practical Session
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eNGO in Uttarakhand

eNGO in Nainital: The eNGO workshop at Nainital, Uttarakhand is successfully completed on March 19th, 2012 with the support of regional partner Central Himalayan Environment Association . Here 47 organisations have participated and 37 organisations registered for .NGO website.

eNGO in Tehri : The eNGO Workshop is completed on October 1st, 2011 at Tehri, Uttarakhand with support from regional partner, Henvalvaani. 21 organisations have participated and all are interested for website development.

Nainital Workshop Gallery
Tihari Workshop Gallery
Tihari Workshop Gallery


eNGO in Odisha

eNGO in Phulbani :The eNGO workshop at Phulbani, Kandhamal – Odisha is successfully completed on March 29th, 2012 with the support of regional partner DISHA at Press Club. Here 20 organisations have participated and registered for .NGO website.

eNGO in Bhubaneswar : The eNGO workshop at Bhubaneswar, Odisha is successfully completed on March 28th, 2012 with the support of regional partner DISHA & Yong India Foundation at Red Cross Bhawan. Here 50 organisations have participated and registered for .NGO website.

Phulbani Workshop
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eNGO Workshop in Varanasi

eNGO workshop successfully held on 18th December,2014 at Patel Dharamshala, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh with aim of empowering grassroots ngos with free website and social media tools for organization efficiency and it’s self-sustainability. Here 160 NGOs are participated and maximum NGOs don’t have website and no presence on social media. There we had introduced about .NGO domain benefits and OnGood community services for NGOs.

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eNGO in Karnataka

eNGO in Bangalore:The eNGO workshop at Bangalore is successfully over with the support of regional partner TFTP. In This workshop 40 organisations have participated and all are registered for .NGO website .

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eNGO in Haryana

eNGO in Haryana :The eNGO Workshop is successfully completed at Rohtak, Haryana with support from regional partner, SGK. Here 24 organisations have participated and registered for .NGO website and all of them are interested for website development.

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eNGO in Rajasthan

eNGO in Udaipur : The eNGO Workshop is concluded on February 18, 2012 at Udaipur, Rajasthan with support from regional partner, CASA (Church’s Auxiliary for Social Action) and WASCO. Here 30 organisations have participated and all are registered for .org website.

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eNGO in Himanchal Pradesh

eNGO in Shimla :The eNGO workshop at Shimla is successfully over on September 10th, 2011 with the support of regional partner Mountains Forum Himalaya. 16 organisations have participated and registered for .ORG website. Till now Total 13 NGOs are online and content collection of 3 NGO is in process.

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eNGO Workshop in Jharkhand

Journey of ENGO Network Programme reached at Deoghar, Jharkhand state of India. total 50 NGOs from all parts of Jharkhand participated to get online. 19 NGO had web presence but not updated since many month due to various reasons including financial implication from vendors. eNGO is making all of them online free with unlimited updates & support from eNGO Center for all, Thanks to Public Interest Registry who supported the digital vision of many grassroots NGOs by introducing new gtld exclusive for NGO community Dotngodomain “the most asked question was the cost of .NGO Domain? The program was started at 11:30 a.m in the hall of hotel Amrapali. Chief guest of the workshop was Mr. A.B. Roy D.E.O(District Informatics Officer) Deoghar . He in-lighted the lamp and started the workshop. After that he took 10-15mins. to told about why internet is essential for an NGO. Then approx at 12 noon, Mr. Debendra took over the workshop with definition of eNGO and how it is useful for a grassroots NGO. He showed a presentation on the places where eNGO program was adopted and how they are taking benefits of their own websites developed by this program. He described the website designed through the program eNGO is very modern and having facility of payment gateway through which any interested donate can donate fund online. Than Mr. Devendra told the difference of current websites of participants NGO and website designed through eNGO program. And he told the PIR is approaching for a new domain extension .ngo and it will launch globally till march 2015. Now eNGO program will provide the .org extension for domain of websites of participants interested in eNGO program and after launching the extension .ngo it will convert in to the same. He also told the program eNGO will provide a separate platform to separate identity for NGOs. At the time of describing benefits of the program he also told, if all NGO will have same platform. It will very helpful for funding agencies to find implementing NGOs and vice versa. He also given some example of NGOs which is taking benefits of the program and how they are in reach of those funder which was impossible earlier. And at last certificates have been distributed among participants by Mr.Debendra and Mr. R.C Sinha(Senior generalist from DAINIK JAGRAN Deoghar) after a small speech of Mr. Sinha on how internet and website is essential today.

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eNGO in Assam

eNGO in Nagaon : The eNGO workshop in Nagaon, Assam is successfully completed on April 21st, 2012 with the support of regional partner eNORTHEAST & Distric Partner AKANSHA at The Office of the Lions Club Nowgong, Christian Patty. Here 20 organisations have participated and all organisations registered for .NGO website.

eNGO in Barpeta : eNGO Kolgachia, Barpeta workshop was conducted on 6 Octtober-2013. Total 21 community based organization joined and registered in the programme. The workshop was presided by Mr. Muzammil Hussain, Ex. Member Assam Public Service Commision. Total 30 representatives from different organization of Barpeta attended the programme. It was first such kind of programme at Barpeta District of Lower Assam.

eNGO in Morigaon :It was the first eNGO workshop in 2014.Total 16 grass- root organization participated and 10 has registered for website. Mrinal Kumar Bhuya Addtl. Deputy Commissioner of Morigaon attended the programme as chief guest. Among other dignitaries President of Zila Prishad, Principal of local college, representative from different media attended the programme.

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Nagaon Workshop Gallery
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eNGO in Manipur

eNGO in Manipur (March 4th, 2014): A one day workshop was conducted with an aim to empower grassroots and community organization through Information Communication and Technology (ICT) at Imphal East of Manipur, North Eastern state of India under the National ‘eNGO / eINSTITUTION’ programme on 4th March, 2014. The programme was an initiative of Digital Empowerment Foundation, New Delhi with the support of National Internet Exchange of India and .Org. The workshop was conducted as part of nationwide eNGO programme by Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) using Information Communication Technology (ICT) tools including Internet. The programme was hosted by SEDA ,Manipur and CAPARV as local partner. Altogether 27organisations joined and 21 has registered for Free webhosting programme. With this initiative DEF extended its presence to Manipur. The initiative was first in Manipur and with this eNGO Manipur chapter was opened. The objective of the programme was to empower grassroots organization with ICT and web present. This includes orientation and training on organizational management using ICTs, information and communication management, content management and web management. Mr. HarunAhmed , Regional Manager of DEF explained in detail about the programme and also answered to the queries raised by the participants. Mr. Inaobi from SEDA shared his future plan to reach to more and more grass root organisations/ institutions and extend the programme to other part of Manipur. Vote of thanks was delivered by Mr. Nizamuddin Shah, president of CAPARV. More than 30 representatives from different organization and institutions took part in the programme. Under this programme one unlimited space website will be hosted for the grassroot organization in free of cost. All community based organization as school, college, educational institution, NGO, SHG, CBO, Entreprenuership groups are eligible to join this programme. One 8GB pen drive was given to every registered organization.

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.NGO launch at Delhi

The 6th edition of the mBillionth Awards marked an important day for both the grassroots NGOs and the digital community. At a time when there is growing distrust of NGOs across the country, the need for a validated and verified identity has become all the more pertinent for non-profits. July 23, 2015, marked an exciting time in the history of Internet because for the first time, ever since the launch of .ORG about 30 years year, Public Interest Registry (operator of the .ORG domain) introduced .NGO — a new top-level domain. In fact, it is not just a domain but a platform for NGOs to earn the reputation of a validated organisation, get visibility in the crowded digital world, ensure fundraising, call for partnerships and build their network. Thus, taking forward the central government’s Digital India vision, Digital Empowerment Foundation officially launch the .NGO domain, exclusively for non-government organisations in India, to ensure they have a unique digital identity in the ever-growing world of Internet space. Mr. Amitabh Singhal, Board member of, introduced the audience to the .NGO Domain, which is a closed domain and cannot be bought until the NGO is verified and validated. The .NGO domain was officially launched in India on July 23, 2015, at India Habitat Centre in New Delhi by Digital Empowerment Foundation Founder-Director Osama Manzar in the presence of an esteemed panel that included HelpAge India CEO Mr. Mathew Cherian, Director General of IIMC SunitTandon, Convenor and Chief Program Executive (CSR) at Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs GayatriSubramaniam, GuideStar India CEO PushpaAman Singh, Lead of Corporate Affairs/ CSR at Microsoft India ManjuDhasmana and Co-founder of Head Held High MadanPadki.

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The session kicked off with MrCherian introducing the start of non-government organisations, and addressed the issue of credibility and trust deficit, especially in the present scenario, while highlighting the importance of transparency. “Do committee meetings, announce accounts there, pin them on a notice board or upload five-year accounts on the website,” he suggested. Mr. Tandon congratulated each and every NGO for contributing to the development sector in some way or the other but agreed that NGOs need to get out of the vicious circle of insults and “come out clean”. This, he said, can only be achieved through ways and means of transparency and NGO validation. “Right to Information is often talked of in the NGO sector. To waive off dishonesty, internet connectivity is important,” Mr. Tandon said. GayatriSubramaniam remembered the days where NGO were grant based. But today, like never before, 16,000 companies are discussing CSR in their board rooms. “With the increased number of opportunities, NGOs will have to understand how the corporate world functions, how their lifecycle works and the need to do regular monitoring. Most NGOs are not aware of these aspects, thus they lose a lot of opportunities,” she pointed out. Meanwhile, PushpaAman Singh introduced the audience to the concept of GuideStar. Guidestar is a platform that connects NGOs to the right set of donors and institutions. “Saying the right thing at the right time on the web portal is necessary. Stories do play an important role but donors always look for hard facts i.e finances and income tax returns. So understand that the donor is important, and carefully accept money from reliable sources,” she adviced, adding that the Internet is a powerful tool not just for showcasing but also enabling validations, verifications and online transactions. ManjuDhasmana is the Lead-Corporate Affairs/CSR at Microsoft India that has been working towards creating opportunities for the youth in India through several skill-based programmes. “Online visibility and engagement is important today. Even donors look up for activities on the Internet. At the same time, relationship of non-profits and corporates is very deep and tightly woven. Thus, creating an impact is very important as the credibility of the Lead in the corporate sector depends on the success of the programme” she stated Mr. Padki made an interesting point at the event. He said there is nothing called a “social enterprise”. Either there is an enterprise or an anti-social enterprise. Each enterprise has to be social and each NGO has to be an enterprise, he added. Following an interesting panel discussion, which focused on the importance of online presence and ensuring credibility of NGOs in India, 13 early adopters of .NGO domain were awarded with mementos and selfie sticks. “Take selfies, selflessly,” quipped Mr. Manzar as he closed the first session to set the stage for the second session on the concept of crowd funding.


eNGO in Andhra Pradesh

eNGO in Vijayawada:The eNGO workshop in Vijayawada , Andhra Pradesh is successfully completed on January 22th, 2013 with the support of regional partner Technology For The People & GRAIN . Here 40 organisations have participated and 30 organisation registered for .NGO website.

eNGO in Visakhapatnam:The eNGO workshop in Vizag, Visakhapatnam is successfully completed on January 20th, 2013 with the support of regional partner Technology For The People & GRAIN . Here 40 organisations have participated and 30 organisation registered for .NGO website.

eNGO in Hyderabad : The eNGO workshop in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh is successfully completed on May 2th, 2012 with the support of regional partner Technology For The People & APMWS at Secunderabad Youth Hostel .Here 60 organisations have participated and 51 organisation registered for .NGO website and all 51 organisation are online. Second workshopin Hyderabad successfully completed on 15th September 2012 in this Workshop 50 organisations had participated and registered for eNGO Services.

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Visakhapatnam Workshop Gallery
Vijaywada Workshop Gallery
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eNGO in Meghalaya

eNGO in Shillong : The eNGO workshop at Shillong, Meghalaya is successfully completed on March 14th, 2012 with the support of regional partner Impulse. Here 30 organisations have participated and 30 organisations registered for .NGO website development.

eNGO in Tura:The eNGO Workshop is successfully over on October 31th, 2011 at Tura, Uttarakhand with a support from regional partner, North East Development Foundation. Here 22 organisations have participated and registered for .NGO website all are Registered for website development.

Tura Workshop Gallery
Shillong Workshop Gallery
Local Partner Tura
Local Partner Shillong


eNGO in Goa

The eNGO Workshop is concluded on May 27th, 2014 in Goa with support from regional partner Mahez NGO. Here 110 organisations have participated and all of them registered for .org website.

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eNGO in Bihar

eNGO in Patna :The eNGO workshop in Patna , Bihar is successfully completed on March 18th, 2013 with the support of regional partner Sampann . Here 60 organisations have participated and 40 organisation registered for .NGO website.

Sampann:Here 60 organisations have participated and 40 organisation registered for .NGO website.

eNGO in Bodhgaya :The eNGO workshop at Bodhgaya, Bihar is successfully completed on february 24th, 2012 at Bodhgaya, Bihar with the support of regional partner Jan Nirman Kendra and Alok Sansthan . Here 39 organisations have participated and 30 organisations registered for .NGO website.

eNGO in Muzaffarpur:The eNGO workshop at Muzaffarpur, Bihar is successfully over with the support of regional partner Jan Nirman Kendra (Muzaffarpur). Here 65 organisations have participated and 45 registered for .NGO website development.

eNGO in Bettiah :The eNGO workshop at Bettiah, Bihar is successfully over with the support of regional partner Alok Sanstha. 60 organisations have participated and registered for .NGO website out of them 53 NGO Registered for website development.

eNGO in Gaya :The workshop on “eNGO” organized by Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) & Public Interest Registry (PIR) with local partner SAMPANN at Hotel Shanti, Azad Park, Gaya on Sunday, March 23, 2014 for promote NGO through using the ICT tools. Here 20 NGO, 6 Farmers Club and 4 SHG have participated from different parts of Gaya district. click to view report….

Bodhgaya Workshop
Bettiah Workshop
Patna Workshop
Muzaffarpur Workshop
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eNGO in Madhya Pradesh

मध्य प्रदेश की NGOs/संस्थाओं को डिजिटल वर्ल्ड से जोड़ना। वर्कशाप में एनजीओ को फ्री वेबसाईट प्रदान करना और वेबसाईट के प्रभावी संचालन के साथ—साथ डिजिटल और सोशल मीडिया की ट्रेनिंग भी देना। मध्यप्रदेश के NGO एवं संचालकों के लिए वेब आधारित टेक्नोलॉजी से जुड़ने के लिए यह एक अच्छा पारदर्शिता और क्षमता निर्माण के लिए पहला अवसर उपलब्ध कराना।

विशेष टिप्पणी:—