TechKrishi – Connecting Farmers with Online Marketing

Digital Empowerment Foundation and ENGO, in collaboration with MarketMirchi, are announcing an open call for applications for a capacity-building workshop- ‘TechKrishi-Connecting Farmers with Online Marketing’.

The session is aimed at individuals from the agricultural sector, including farmers, Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs), and more.

The challenges within the Indian agricultural marketing system have been multifaceted, encompassing issues like insufficient market infrastructure, information gaps, intermediary roles of middlemen, exploitative practices of moneylenders, and volatile price dynamics. As a consequence of these shortcomings, the farmers often find themselves deprived of receiving just compensation for their products.

The landscape of marketing, in light of technological advancements, has undergone a substantial transformation. Various companies are now moving towards online marketing due to its manifold advantages, which encompass savings in both costs and time, enhanced affordability, and remarkable flexibility. However, within the agricultural domain, a considerable number of farmers remain unacquainted with the realm of online marketing.

The introduction of online marketing within the agricultural sector represents an innovative stride facilitated by the government. It offers a novel approach to conducting transactions in a digital realm, thereby bypassing the involvement of intermediaries. Through adequate training and guidance, any farmer can leverage these digital avenues to directly vend their products. Platforms such as MarketMirchi can provide an array of options, enabling farmers to establish a direct link with buyers and market their products effectively.

A transformative platform, such as MarketMirchi is committed to providing Rural Beneficiaries across India with invaluable market linkage opportunities for their diverse range of products.

With TechKrishi, we aim to provide rural communities with the necessary resources to thrive in the current market environment and bridge the gap between agricultural producers and consumers, thus fostering growth and prosperity. This session will provide comprehensive training to participants, including those who play a pivotal role in driving positive change within their communities.

By leveraging Digital Empowerment Foundation and MarketMirchi’s expertise and resources, beneficiaries can expect enhanced access to markets, increased profitability, and a chance to sell their products directly to buyers using the MarketMirchi Platform. The collaboration with various stakeholders ensures that participants gain valuable insights into effective market strategies, digital tools, and sustainable business practices.





1 Website on WordPress

Basic Content Upload

Provide Training on Content Uploading

Free Domain

Free 1 Organisational Email

Unmetered Bandwidth 10 GB

Storage 24X7 Technical Support

Total Cost RS. 10,000

Annual Maintenance Charge (Domain and Hosting Renewal) – 5, 000 INR / Year


1 Designer Website on WordPress

Content Upload

Provide Training on Content Uploading

Free Domain

Free 2 Organisational Email

Unmetered Bandwidth

50 GB Storage

24X7 Technical Support

Total Cost  RS. 15,000

Annual Maintenance Charge (Domain, Content Update and Hosting Renewal) – 10, 000 INR / Year


1 Creative/Interactive Website on WordPress

Mobile Friendly Website

Web/Graphic Designer Support

Provide Training on Content Uploading

Free Domain

Free 5 Organisational emails

Unmetered Bandwidth

Unlimited Storage

24X7 Technical Support

Total Cost: 50,000 INR

Annual Maintenance Charge (Domain, Content Update, Creative Design and Hosting Renewal) – 20, 000 INR / Year


1 Ecommerce Interactive Website (WordPress /Magento)

Mobile Friendly Website

Free Domain

Free SSL Installation

Unlimited Organisational Emails

Unmetered Bandwidth

Unlimited Storage

Web/Graphic Designer

24X7 Technical Support

Total Cost: 2,00,000 INR

Annual Maintenance Charge ( Domain, Content Update, Creative Design, SSL and Hosting Renewal ) – 30, 000 Per Year

eNGO’s vision is to
strengthen civil society

eNGO envisions to convert grassroots civil society organisations
into validated entities with a global online presence, showcasing
their accomplishments globally and boosting fundraising through
digital means. We offer services that are meant to enhance the
capabilities and knowledge of member organizations to strengthen
their overall efficiency and effectiveness.

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