eNGO Services

The eNGO Network offers range of services that are meant to enhance the capabilities and knowledge of member organizations to strengthen their overall efficiency and effectiveness. eNGO Network provides opportunity to its members to attend and participate in various workshops, conferences and discussions on a broad range of issues. They can utilize the eNGO Network as a platform to showcase their activities, share their experiences and challenges and extend their outreach to like minded NGOs, national and international agencies and volunteers.

The eNGO Network provides to all its members capacity-building and knowledge support on using ICT and digital media tools for the overall organizational development benefiting the societies for the greater good.

To accomplish these ends, the eNGO Network provides services through the following media services:


All members  receive monthly web-based newsletter providing updates and information on DEF and eNGO Network activities and programmes. The newsletter provides various development resources as well as information on government policies, funding and forthcoming events such as training programmes and conferences being conducted nationally as well as internationally. The member NGOs can send in their stories,articles,photographs or any of the other entries for the newsletter at engonetwork@defindia.net.

Research & Publications:

The eNGO Network publishes journals based on intensive researches done relevant to the voluntary sector. All are available to our eNGO members on demand and on a free basis.

Annual Mega Events/Workshops/Conferences:

All eNGO Network members get an opportunity to attend the Mega ICT annual events like Manthan Award South Asia & Asia Pacific, mBillionth Award South Asia, Vodafone Mobiles for good, eNGO Workshops & many more organized by Digital Empowerment Foundation.

The members can enrich their knowledge and skills by getting to associate with the attendees and also a chance of networking and gaining support from Government, Corporates, Funders and Innovators during the event. For getting updates on these events please login to the facebook.com/pages/eNGONetwork.

Database Service:

The eNGO Network maintains a database of global voluntary organizations. The database also keeps information on various aspects of the voluntary sector including sector specific NGOs, academic institutions, consultants and consultancy. Such information is communicated to our members generally through our news magazine and for the other stakeholders it is available on request.

Partnerships & Networking:

DEF works with its eNGO Network members  in various parts of India & other countries. eNGO members can act as a regional partner for various projects of DEF and work together. For more details write to engonetwork@defindia.net

eNGO Client Community:

 eNGO web service solution is designed to serve:

  • Grassroot organisations having community development initiatives anywhere in India at a district level or below  such as  the Tehsil, Panchyat and Village level;
  • Grassroot individual innovators, social entrepreneurs undertaking socially and economically empowering entrepreneurial activities;
  • Self Help Groups into a set of diverse community benefiting and viable activities.

Eligibility for eNGO Services:

The eligibility for enrolling under the eNGO programme applies to:

  • All the grassroot organisations having community building and development activities in diverse areas in the social sector in India and South Asia;
  • Organisations operational at the village level or Panchayat level or below Block/Tehsil/Taluk level.